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Production Methods Explained

Application Methods

Embroidery in House can provide you with a range of techniques to apply your logo to a garment of your choice.

Our embroidery and printing methods will bring your logo to life on any garment. However, there are factors, like the material of your garment, which you should take into consideration before you decide on what kind of application you wish to use.

As a quick guide to help you choose what method of customisation is best for you. Detailed below are the different types of decoration we offer.


With this decoration process when adding a logo to your garment via embroidery, a frame is fixed to the garment and backing fabric is applied to the logo area. This ensures that the garment is secure while the logo is stitched. Occasionally, this process may leave a mark on the garment however a quick spray and a wipe down soon rectifies this. The actual embroidery process is carried out by a computerised embroidery machine. Your logo is digitised and uploaded to the embroidery machines, with the process beginning once artwork has been approved. We will always send a sample via email of what your artwork looks like before embroidering to your chosen garments.


Printing ensures unique and intricate designs are vibrant and we use the highest quality printing methods to ensure the highest quality end product. There are two different types  of printing methods available, and one may be more suitable than the  other depending on the garments you are decorating, the intricacy of your logo and how many garments are to be decorated. As an overview we can use Screen Print, Vinyl Print or Digital Print of which are detailed below.

Screen Printing

If your logo has bright and vibrant colours then screen printing may be the more suitable option for you to bring those colours to life. This process is advised for a minimum of 25  garments with the same design. Screen printing uses multi-coloured inks to create your logo, which are then applied to the garment through mesh screens. After each screen has been applied the garment will go through a drying process to ensure the ink does not wear or wash out. This process is great for a range of different garments from t-shirts to hoodies, this type of logo application works great for big back designs where multiple garments are using the same logo. 

Vinyl Print

The easiest way to think of Vinyl Printing is a sports teams numbers and names on the back of a shirt. A sheet of vinyl is carefully cut into the specific shape of your logo or design, the remaining design is then flipped and finally heat sealed onto the garment using a heat press.

A vinyl transfer is great for less complex designs with low colours, typically a logo with 1-2 colours would be applied with this method. This process works well for relatively low quantity orders. Vinyl transfer is suitable for the majority of garments (apart from fleece and wool) we recommend this process for Hi-Vis garments.

Digital Print

Digital print is also known as transfer print as the design is transferred onto your garment using heat. Our special plotting machines cut your design or text from a piece of vinyl. Our team then removes the excess vinyl in a process called weeding. We then select the position of your design on the garment and heat press it securely. Digital print is perfect for more intricate designs that require a photo for example.